Recording Fees


All documents regardless of page count, will cost $30.00 to record.

 A document discharging or assigning more than 1 instrument is an additional $3.00 for each additional instrument number.

New recording cost is inclusive of Michigan Remonumentation and Register of Deeds Automation fees.

Cost for a copy of a recorded document remains at $1.00 per page.
Cost for a certified copy of a recorded document will be $5.00.
Search fees remain at $5.00 for basic searches.
Contact your local Register for tract index search fees.

General Recording Fees (After October 1, 2016 - see above.)

$30.00 for entering and recording any deed, mortgage, certified court copy, or any other instrument.

Assignment & Discharge Fees

For any document which assigns or discharges more than 1 instrument, an additional $3 will be added to the recording fee for each additional instrument (liber/page or document number) assigned or discharged.

$4 of the recording fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey and Remonumentation (MSSR) fund. The MSSR fee is not assessed on fixture filings, state liens, federal liens, state deeds, plats, or tax reversion documents as per MCLA 600.2567a(4).

Warranty Deeds & Land Contracts

A tax certification must be obtained prior to recording any of the following as per MCLA 211.135:
  • Warranty deed
  • Any deed which contains a covenant of warranty
  • Land contract
  • Assignment of land contract with warranty clause

Transfer Tax

What is Transfer Tax?

Any deed or easement that has a consideration will have state and county transfer tax due at the time of recording based on the total consideration unless there are exemptions stated. State transfer tax is not due on deeds that were executed prior to January 1, 1995, or if the deed is given upon the payoff of a land contract that was executed prior to same date. Either the liber/page and date of the land contract must be stated on the deed or the exemptions must be stated.  For State and County transfer tax exemption information see MCL 207.526 and MCL 207.505.

Tax Rates

  • The county transfer tax rate is $1.10 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof.
  • The state transfer tax rate is $7.50 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof.


  • If consideration is $110,100, round up to next 500 and multiply $110,500 by 0.0086 (State .0075, County .0011). Total Transfer Tax would be $950.30 (State 828.75, County 121.55).
  • If consideration is $110,501, round up to next 500 and multiply $111,000 by 0.0086 (State .0075, County .0011). Total Transfer Tax would be $954.60 (State 832.50, County 122.10).


  • Tax certificates cost $5 for up to 25 parcel (tax) ID numbers
  • $0.20 per additional parcel (tax) ID number over 25


The Register of Deeds Office must receive payment first before mailing or faxing copies.
Type of Copy
$1 Per Page
Certified Copy
An Additional $5
Emailed or Faxed Copies
$2 Per Page