Soil Erosion Permits

If you meet any of the following Michigan or County requirement criteria, you must apply for a soil erosion permit (see below for application).

Michigan Requirements

Public Act 451, Michigan Environmental Protection Act, Part 91 Soil Erosion and Sedimentation requires a permit if your site involves excavating, filling, grading, building, etc. and the site is:
  • Within 500 feet of a lake or stream
    • Lake means the great lakes and all natural and artificial inland lake with a surface area of water that is equal to or greater than 1 acre.
    • A stream means a river, creek or other surface watercourse that has continued occurrence of water
  • Disturbing more than 1 acre (43,560 square feet)

County Requirements

The Grand Traverse County Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control Ordinance as amended, requires a Soil Erosion permit if your site is/ has:
  • A commercial site: All land uses except for 1 family detached dwelling
  • Within 100 feet of protected wetlands: Land characterized by the presence of water sufficient to support wetland vegetation (These are protected by Part 303, Wetland Protection of PA 451)
  • Slopes of 10% or greater: A 10% slope means that the ground rises 1 foot vertically for every 10 feet horizontally
  • Heavy clay soils: Commonly termed hardpan clay and soils classified in hydrologic group D in the Soil Survey
  • Township/Development Required: Some townships require soil erosion permits as do some developments (subdivisions / site condominium, etc.)
  • Drain easement on site or the site is within a Drainage District: If there is a retention pond or drainage facility on your site, or bordering it, you need a Soil Erosion permit (In addition, if your site is within an established Drainage District, you must obtain a Soil Erosion permit)

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If you are not sure if any of the above definitions apply to your site, please contact Grand Traverse County Soil Erosion and we will be happy to assist you.