Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The goals of Public Health Preparedness are to:
  • Assure our community is prepared for a public health emergency.
  • Assure there is timely identification and response to public health emergencies.
  • Assure that a competent public health, health care, and emergency response workforce exists in our region.
  • Assure that health department policies support an effective and coordinated response to an emergency.
  • Assure that state, regional and local community partnerships are mobilized to promptly identify problems, to coordinate a response to emergencies and assure adequate health care, vaccinations, and medications are available for affected individuals.
Influenza Biological, Chemical & Radiological Threats
General Preparedness & Planning
General & Additional Information
  • Public Health Fact Sheets: Bioterrorism Agents and Disease
Become a Volunteer
  • Citizen Involvement: Become an Emergency Volunteer